Our Story

Our Story

Intouch Technology Group was formed to develop business systems for the ski industry and recreational facilities globally.

Intouch was one of the first touchscreen ticketing systems based on the Windows operating system. In 1996 Intouch opened an office in California installing systems for ice rinks and ski areas and, based on word of mouth, more clients from various industries adopted Intouch as their business system. Intouch pioneered hand held ticket scanning for access control at ski areas and many other innovations as the systems and the industry matured.

Broadband internet has allowed Intouch to distribute and support its software much more efficiently over time and reduce its overall cost. Today, with more than 20 years development, Intouch continues to lead their customers’ businesses into the future.

Intouch offers its systems available worldwide for use by subscription.

Intouch is focused on enhanced customer support, continue development of the core product and to bring new customers onboard in key geographies and industries while ensuring continuity in day to day business operations.

Intouch’s product suite is designed to streamline the operational aspects of a ski area, tourist attraction, hospitality venue or recreational facility by integrating the core business functions and providing a single, connected view of operations.

Functionality ranges across point of sale for ticketing, retail, food service and rentals to more specialised access control, CRM functions, e-commerce and content management. Intouch provides a business suite for operations of all sizes wanting to deliver a high level of customer service with a focus on cost management, maximising yield, connecting with customers and integration with partner operators.